Unique LEGO miniatures inspired by famous art works!

Since 2019 I make LEGO miniatures inspired by iconic art works made by legendary artists. As small as possible with the essence of the original art work in it. I only may use original LEGO elements, no alien pieces, no cutting, no use of glue, et cetera. With LEGO as my medium it’s more easy to bridge the gap between the ‘elite’ world of arts and people who are not so familiar with art. Like the original art works, every LEGO miniature tells it’s story, the idea of the artist and the reflection of that particular time. It started with Fountain made by French-born artist Marcel Duchamp. Now my collection of LEGO miniatures counts more than 40 unique designs! This unique LEGO project is part of my professional artistic process. On Instagram I will post my LEGO miniatures, check it out and let me know if you like it – Enjoy and start building! https://www.instagram.com/jordykoevoets/

Above: One of my LEGO miniatures inspired by the famous Téléphone – Homard (Lobster – Telephone) by Salvador Dali, 1936. Also made a white version of this masterpiece, like Dali did.